Ashley Wallbridge Breathes New Life into BT’s ‘Lifeline’

It’s been a more than a year since trance innovator BT released A Song Across Wires. But if you didn’t get a chance to pick up or download the album, you’ll be rewarded for waiting.

Ashley Wallbridge has added some big-room bump to “Lifeline,” a track on which BT collaborated with Senadee, Dragon and Jontron. Whereas the original was lighthearted vocal trance, Wallbridge’s remix marries trance and progressive house into a panoramically paced track where peaks and valleys are on full display. The beat may be a little slower, but the bass is harder and the synths are turned up to 11.

“Lifeline” (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) will have no problem literally and figuratively rocking the house, while still taking time to accentuate vocals and allowing for some graceful piano work.

Preorder the deluxe edition of A Song Across Wires, which features the radio version of Wallbridge’s take on “Lifeline.”