Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne Re-Team For ‘Real Love’

Clean Bandit conquered the globe earlier this year with “Rather Be,” a tune with instantly recognizable strings that featured vocals from Jess Glynne.

The two acts have joined forces once again for “Real Love.” Containing piano keys and a little bit of that 2-step kick, “Real Love” packs more punch than “Rather Be.” That could also be thanks to the pulsating house thump that fleshes out the track and the accents of 8-bit video game acoustics that pepper the chorus.

And Glynne’s vocals are in step with the melody, hitting her trademark highs as she keeps pace with the pop radio-ready track. But will “Real Love” top the success of “Rather Be”? Let us know your thoughts.

Avicii Premieres ‘The Days’ Lyric Video

Avicii continues to heal weeks after suspending performances due to health issues, but what’s not hurting is his music.

The Swedish superstar just dropped the lyric music video for his latest single “The Days,” which will likely appear on his forthcoming album, Stories, set for release in 2015.

The clip features a hazmat suit-donning stencil artist taking to a white wall and filling it with the country-meets-’80s power pop ballad’s lyrical content, as sung by British powerhouse Robbie Williams. But the words aren’t just for show, they’re also for shape, fleshing out the form of the the song’s principal artist, which soon gets splashed with an array of colors.

It’s quite the artistic achievement, both visually and musically. Check it out above!

Pharrell Teases ‘Gust Of Wind’ Video With Daft Punk

Pharrell continues to promote his latest album, G I R L, but the hit maker is calling on some old friends for his next single.

A teaser clip for the “Gust of Wind” music video finds the Usher collaborator walking in a forest. And to our enjoyment, what does he stumble upon? It’s two rocks shaped like the helmets worn by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, better known to you a Daft Punk.

While the song has already been heard by many, we’re excited to what roles the two will play in the “Happy” singer’s upcoming video, especially after they teamed up for the visuals for “Lose Yourself to Dance.”

Becky Hill Debuts ‘Losing’ Music Video

Becky Hill‘s “Losing” — currently in rotation on Jackmaster Radio — just got itself a music video.

It features the singer-songwriter at a carnival playing games, riding a Ferris wheel and taking home the biggest teddy bear we’ve ever seen.

But wait — is this the same heartbreak on vinyl we talked about weeks ago? While the visuals may not totally reflect the tune’s lyrics at first glance, there are plenty of connections to be found. After all, the song’s sad breakup talk could mean Becky is trying to move on now and we’re seeing that happen as she takes a solo jaunt to an often duo-or-group activity.

There’s potential she could be stalking her ex and their new love, too, but we’ll stick with the girl-power theme for good measure.

Scooter And Vassy Team Up For ‘Today’ Music Video

German techno group Scooter and Australian singer Vassy have teamed up for the single “Today,” but the song just got a second music video.

The first was mostly a performance clip, whereas No. 2 features a story. And what a story it is.

Two buxom beauties witness a woman being domestically abused and possibly being held prisoner in a mansion on the hills.

Not standing for it, the two young ladies rob a few guys of their guns, ski masks and car, and return to the home to exact some revenge.

While obnoxiously sexy and a bit optimistic, the visuals have plenty of girl power (and girl-on-girl) moments to raise a fist to, but the tune itself balances between sing-along moments and pulsating house thooms. That should satisfy those in need of a hook and pop appeal, as well as the EDM purists who are all about that bass.

Far East Movement ‘Bang It To The Curb’ In New Video

Far East Movement — a group that seems to keep perfecting the fusion between hip-hop and electronic dance music — has dropped a new video for “Bang It To the Curb” ahead of the October 28 release of its next album, KTown Riot.

The energy level is high in this clip, which features dancers Les Twins. The two French brothers — one who seems to be living and working as a security guard, the other possibly being dead and wrapped in a straitjacket — encounter each other and a dance battle ensues. But part of the fun is that along with matching each other’s’ moves, the pair also join forces to emanate funky footwork that will entrance viewers.

The visuals are sure to take over where the beat leaves off by inspiring watchers to get up and groove to a track, which fits comfortably during a peak-hour set of raging hip-hop or club rhythms.

[Via Ultimate Music, HipHopDX]

Kaskade Drops ‘Please Say Quick Quack’ Mash-Up

Kaskade is a big fan of the mash-up, in the past regularly merging tunes and uploading them to his SoundCloud account. That doesn’t happen much there these days, but thankfully he has transferred the practice to a Tumblr page.

One of his latest mashers, “Please Say Quick Quack,” has been making the rounds during his festival appearances and now has a music video. The tune puts together Kaskade’s own “Please Say You Will” with Patric la Funk and DBN’s “Quick Quack.”

The back-and-forth between the two finds Kaskade’s ethereal track sharing beats with the bouncy bass of “Quick Quack,” though they remain recognizably separate rather than overlapping in this mash-up. The fun is still there, most likely due to the minimalistic vocals but body-moving thumps of la Funk and DBN’s big-room banger. And the video features some of the festivals where the track started gaining momentum, with all the young beautifuls hanging on every beat.

[Via Dancing Astronaut]

Sandy Rivera’s ‘Bang’ Video Tugs At The Heartstrings

Sandy Rivera presents a conundrum in his latest music video for “Bang.” The song that inspires the clip features regular collaborator April joining Rivera to sing the sometimes-sad lyrics. These are matched repeatedly throughout the video by the sexy young things who are coupled up in the visuals, who seem to engage in argumentative back-and-forths that sometimes involve getting physically aggressive with one another.

Yet the tune itself is quite beautiful. It eschews being a thumping EDM number and embraces the Kings of Tomorrow’s soulful house sound tinged with Balearic beats for a fluidly smooth melody, which emphasizes what’s being said rather than commanding listeners to get to the dance floor. And within these moments of bliss are the softer moments in the clip, where those beautifully coupled youngsters have tender moments of touching and intimacy.

But taken together, how are we, the listeners and viewers, supposed to feel about the new video? It’s a toss-up to be sure, but the discomfort somehow makes the track more cerebral than many of its contemporaries and it earns its “put it on replay” status, as we try to understand the struggle of the short film’s stars and the meaning of the music.

Kylie Minogue Treats Fans To 4 Free New Songs


Kylie Minogue is currently on the road in Europe for her Kiss Me Once Tour. But if you didn’t get tickets or can’t make any of the shows during the European and Australian trek, Kylie has a gift for you. Four to be exact.

She teamed with Mexican producer Fernando Garibay — whose fingerprints were all over Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album — and revealed four new songs that appear in the Sleepwalker short film that accompanies the show, and is directed by Kylie’s buddy and fashion designer William Baker.

The tracks on Sleepwalker/Kylie + Garibay are more experimental than we usually hear from the pop queen, but are still fun new offerings. “Glow” embraces atmospheric gusts that shadow the minimalistic synth notes found in the tune, while “Wait’s” breathy vocals get a punch from the driving marching band beat.

“Chasing Ghosts” features chanting in its intro, though the voices almost sound like Duran Duran member Simon Le Bon might be assisting on vocals. The most organic offering in the collection has a reggae-ish vibe, but “Break this Heartbreak” is the complete opposite, living in a futuristic/space age disco that transcends any of the other synth or electronic elements found within this compilation.

The tunes are available for free download on Minogue’s SoundCloud page.

[Via Idolator]

Fashion Is In Vogue In Offer Nissim’s ‘Everybody Needs a Man’ Video

A tribal anthem with the appeal of big-room bass?

It sounds like the signature style of Israeli DJ-producer-remixer Offer Nissim. His latest track, “Everybody Needs a Man,” reunites him with frequent collaborator, Maya Simantov, and the song just got the video treatment.

The quirky clip features a Karl Lagerfeld-looking fashion house designer sizing up beautiful models in search of his next muse. But when a janitor escapes hard labor for fashion fame, one woman takes offense to the not-so-gorgeous man getting her gig on the runway. Let’s just say the results are explosive.

Then again, very little isn’t over-the-top in this music video. With an escalator serving as the catwalk, “poison” by goldfish and eclectic wardrobes that prove style is only for the adventurous, it also makes sense that guest “appearances” by Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour and former Editor at Large André Leon Talley, among others, round out the clip.

As mentioned before, this is a tune worthy of the title anthem, as well as reminiscent of the tribal tracks that filled dance floors throughout the ’90s and early ’00s. It’s likely to be thematic, too, come Pride season in 2015.

[Via Ultimate Music]