Kaskade Drops ‘Please Say Quick Quack’ Mash-Up

Kaskade is a big fan of the mash-up, in the past regularly merging tunes and uploading them to his SoundCloud account. That doesn’t happen much there these days, but thankfully he has transferred the practice to a Tumblr page.

One of his latest mashers, “Please Say Quick Quack,” has been making the rounds during his festival appearances and now has a music video. The tune puts together Kaskade’s own “Please Say You Will” with Patric la Funk and DBN’s “Quick Quack.”

The back-and-forth between the two finds Kaskade’s ethereal track sharing beats with the bouncy bass of “Quick Quack,” though they remain recognizably separate rather than overlapping in this mash-up. The fun is still there, most likely due to the minimalistic vocals but body-moving thumps of la Funk and DBN’s big-room banger. And the video features some of the festivals where the track started gaining momentum, with all the young beautifuls hanging on every beat.

[Via Dancing Astronaut]