Kaskade Premieres ‘Summer Nights’ Video

If Kaskade was stoked to premiere his track “Summer Nights” in June, how must he have felt when the music video debuted in August?

True, most folks are making plans to wind down the season this weekend with one last hurrah over Labor Day weekend, but that doesn’t stop the good vibes found in the clip. “Summer Nights” takes place during the day (?) and follows the story of a boy who just can’t play basketball.

Good thing skater Brian Anderson is there to inspire, because the kid decides to pick up a board and try and try again at a New York City skate park until he nails Ollies and twists. And when he falls, the pro is there to help pick him up. He might not be back to school yet, but at least he’s still learning this summer.

Kaskade is joined by Bend, Ore.-based band The Brocks on the track, which is available for download on iTunes.

[H/T: LT3]