Knife Party’s ‘Abandon Ship’ Tracklist Leaks

Knife Party

Anticipation continues to build for Knife Party’s forthcoming full-length album, Abandon Ship. But one half of the duo, Rob Swire, got fans salivating even more when he shared the album’s tracklist on Twitter.

As predicted, the set — due out October 27 — includes the earlier-leaked, seizure-inducing “Resistance” and the lighter disco track “Begin Again.” A track titled “EDM Trend Machine” raises the question of whether it’s a follow-up to “EDM Death Machine,” which appeared on the Haunted House EP, while the curiously named “Micropenis,” uh, raises questions period, as does the acronym “D.I.M.H.” Guess we’ll have to wait and hear for the answers to those inquiries.

Here’s the full tracklist:

1. “Reconnect”
2. “Resistance”
3. “Boss Mode”
4. “EDM Trend Machine”
5. “404”
6. “Begin Again”
7. “D.I.M.H.”
8. “Micropenis”
9. “Superstar”
10. “Red Dawn”
11. “Give It Up”
12. “Kaleidoscope”