Sandy Rivera’s ‘Bang’ Video Tugs At The Heartstrings

Sandy Rivera presents a conundrum in his latest music video for “Bang.” The song that inspires the clip features regular collaborator April joining Rivera to sing the sometimes-sad lyrics. These are matched repeatedly throughout the video by the sexy young things who are coupled up in the visuals, who seem to engage in argumentative back-and-forths that sometimes involve getting physically aggressive with one another.

Yet the tune itself is quite beautiful. It eschews being a thumping EDM number and embraces the Kings of Tomorrow’s soulful house sound tinged with Balearic beats for a fluidly smooth melody, which emphasizes what’s being said rather than commanding listeners to get to the dance floor. And within these moments of bliss are the softer moments in the clip, where those beautifully coupled youngsters have tender moments of touching and intimacy.

But taken together, how are we, the listeners and viewers, supposed to feel about the new video? It’s a toss-up to be sure, but the discomfort somehow makes the track more cerebral than many of its contemporaries and it earns its “put it on replay” status, as we try to understand the struggle of the short film’s stars and the meaning of the music.