Becky Hill Debuts ‘Losing’ Music Video

Becky Hill‘s “Losing” — currently in rotation on Jackmaster Radio — just got itself a music video.

It features the singer-songwriter at a carnival playing games, riding a Ferris wheel and taking home the biggest teddy bear we’ve ever seen.

But wait — is this the same heartbreak on vinyl we talked about weeks ago? While the visuals may not totally reflect the tune’s lyrics at first glance, there are plenty of connections to be found. After all, the song’s sad breakup talk could mean Becky is trying to move on now and we’re seeing that happen as she takes a solo jaunt to an often duo-or-group activity.

There’s potential she could be stalking her ex and their new love, too, but we’ll stick with the girl-power theme for good measure.

Becky Hill Scores a Win with ‘Losing’

Becky Hill

Becky Hill — one of the songwriters for Bondax‘s house-heavy groove “All I See” — is stepping into the spotlight with “Losing.”

The tune enters into retro territory, with ’80s synthesizers playing a prominent role in crafting the melody. But while the music itself may offer up feel-good vibes, the lyrics are heartbreak on vinyl, as Hill laments about a love lost.

It’s not that she’s trying to win back her ex — instead, she struggles with the urges to stop thinking about them and her own sadness of being alone. All while reminiscing about their past and her hurt feelings.

A tearjerker for sure, but the protagonist’s pain is our listening pleasure.

Bondax & Tanya Lacey Get a Splash of Color in ‘All I See’ Video

Brits Adam Kaye and George Townsend — better known collectively as Bondax — are chasing “Song of the Summer” status, despite the season winding down.

“All I See,” penned by wunderkind MNEK and singer-songwriter Becky Hill, showcases the vocals of diva Tanya Lacey, who grooves effortlessly over the loosely wrapped garage house melody.

The track layered with Lacey’s sung lyrics meshes well with the tune’s visuals. The accompanying video features young adults doing things young adults do during the summer: hiking, partying, hanging out and, most importantly, dancing. Each scene is overlaid with an array of colors, which change shape and texture as the song flows, and show little regard for the faces of people they may splash across. At times, whole silhouettes are filled with colorful and patterned menageries.

It’s a round-trip ticket to fun and whose essence embodies youthfulness. Get carefree and look for Bondax’s All I See album in the fall.