Scooter And Vassy Team Up For ‘Today’ Music Video

German techno group Scooter and Australian singer Vassy have teamed up for the single “Today,” but the song just got a second music video.

The first was mostly a performance clip, whereas No. 2 features a story. And what a story it is.

Two buxom beauties witness a woman being domestically abused and possibly being held prisoner in a mansion on the hills.

Not standing for it, the two young ladies rob a few guys of their guns, ski masks and car, and return to the home to exact some revenge.

While obnoxiously sexy and a bit optimistic, the visuals have plenty of girl power (and girl-on-girl) moments to raise a fist to, but the tune itself balances between sing-along moments and pulsating house thooms. That should satisfy those in need of a hook and pop appeal, as well as the EDM purists who are all about that bass.